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New For 2019

New For 2019

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Real guns, real clays but luckily no pigeons! A great new safe shooting challenge. Take aim for a brilliant sporting attraction at any event.

Bumper Cars

A bumper of an event with the new Bumper Carz! A fantastic attraction for children, great fun with the safe ‘hovercraft’ feel, kids absolutey love them!

Aztec Fun Run 1

Run, bounce, climb and slide on this great aztec fun run! Endless entertainment for children, teens and adults with plenty of energy!

Aztec Fun Run 2

Great fast fun to be had here! A bouncing fun run with biff & bash obstacles, cargo net climb and slide. Contant energetic fun, don’t stop until you drop!

Aztec Obstacle Course

An absolute adrenaline assult course! 70ft of bouncing fun, cargo net climbs, obstacles and 2 great slides, you will need endless energy for this challenge!

Aztec Maze

You will be amazed by this amazing fun run maze! A rectangle of obstacles, slides, cargo nets, mangles and tunnels, an adrenaline rush for any fun runner!

Wild West Bouncer

Buckle up for a wild west bouncing good time but leave your spurs off! Great for parties with a Cowboy and Indian or horsey themes, Yeehaa for lots of fun!!

Nerf Gun Shootout

Take aim for a great family game. Inflatable firing range of ‘floating’ balls, a real fun test of skill. Hold your nerve with the Nerf gun and be a winner!!

Interactive Play System Cones

On your marks, get set, go!! Fast and furious game for up to four players, each game is 45 seconds of great fun for all, are you up for the challenge?

Rodeo Horse

YEEHAA Ride ’em cowboy!! A rodeo ride for horse lovers, a real bareback challenge, no stirrups here! Great fun to do and to watch, perfect for pony parties!

Wild West Tin Can Alley Side Stall

A rootin’ tootin’ Wild West cork shootin’ game! Stack them high and watch those tin cans fly. Great fun, testing your skills on this Tin Can Alley stall!

Wild West Cactus Lasso

No Pricklery Pears here!! Only lots of great hoopla fun for all wild west parties with this inflatable cactus. Great garden game for all the family.