New For 2021 / 2022

New For 2019 / 2020

Hero Bouncer

Are you a Hero or maybe your a villian? Either way the children will have a fantastic time with this fablous Bouncer.

Building Block Bouncer

This amazing bouncy castle is truly stunning. Featuring printed artwork with a large bounce area and two “Biff n Bash” Wobblers for even more fun.

Unicorn Bounce & Slide Soft Play Package

Do you have a Unicorn lover in your family? Our Unicorn Bounce & Slide Package will light up the face of any magical little believer!

Dino Bounce & Slide Soft Play Package

Take a walk with Dinosaurs with this stunning package featuring all of the ferocious, terrifying and friendly 
Dinosaurs that you can name.

Party Balloon Air Juggler Ball Pool

Ready to celebrate?
Then lets dive right in!
This fabulous Balloon themed Air Juggler is perfect for children of all ages.

Farm Air Juggler Ball Pool

Filled with colourful balls and high walls complete with air jugglers to balance balls on. Children will love setting them up to knock them down.

Farm Bounce & Slide

Old Macdonald had a Farm E-I-E-I-O and you can have your own Farm Bounce & Slide E-I-E-I-O.

Princess Air Juggler Ball Pool

Little Princesses and Princes will have a royal time and will love this bespoke themed ball pool.

Dino Bounce & Slide

Forged from the end of an era this stunning Bounce & Slide offers children the chance to stomp their little feet and roar like a sharp tooth.

Tractor Bounce and Slide Soft Play Package Deluxe

Tractor Bounce n Slide Soft Play Package Deluxe

This deluxe package is the best in its field and is sure to be the centre piece. Make your little farmer’s party one to remember.

Tractor Bounce and Slide

If you have a young farmer and are looking for a Tractor Bouncy Castle, then look no further. This is seriously the best in its field!

Unicorn Bounce and Slide

Make your little girls party one to remember with our beautiful Unicorn Bouncy Castle with built in slide. Fun, fun fun!

Tractor Bouncer n’ Slide Standard Soft Play Package

It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack looking for quality farm and tractor themed party fun. Don’t worry – you’ve just found it.