Toddler Play Zone Hire

Designed with toddlers in mind, this imaginative Toddler Play Zone provides a fun, safe and enjoyable play environment for your toddler to bounce, climb, slide and explore. Fully viewable and easy to supervise, this fantastic brightly coloured play zone has a delightful farm theme and is both fun and adventurous for your inquisitive toddler.

Incorporating a bouncy castle, corner ball pool filled with brightly coloured balls, an up and over wedge slide plus super ‘magic’ floaty balls which will intrigue and amaze whilst promoting hand and eye co-ordination. Toddler Play Zone is fun, entertaining and challenging.

Free Plasma Car hire.

  • Inflatable surround
  • Toddler bouncy castle area
  • Up and over slide
  • Corner Ball Pool and brightly coloured balls
  • A fantastic assortment of farm shapes and rockers
  • St on Land Rover soft play shape
  • Large soft play Daisy cow available at a small extra cost
  • Magic Floaty Balls
  • Size: 16.5 ft x 13.25 ft
  • Play Zone equipment is cleaned and sterilized on set up
  • Free Plasma Car hire