Fairground Side Stalls

Fairground Side Stalls

Fairground Style Side Stalls

Hook a Duck Classic Side Stall

All your ducks in a row? Ours are and they could win you prizes on this real favourite Fairground Side Stall, Hook a Duck, great fun for all ages!

Wild West Tin Can Alley Side Stall

A rootin’ tootin’ Wild West cork shootin’ game! Stack them high and watch those tin cans fly. Great fun, testing your skills on this Tin Can Alley stall!

Hoopla side stall hire

Hoopla Fairground Side Stall

Hoooping you find all the excitement of the fairground with this traditional Hoopla Stall. Test your skills and bag yourself a prize!

Tin Can Alley Classic Side Stall

CAN you win yourself a prize? Of course you CAN!! Tin Can Alley is one of the most popular fairground stalls, you’ll be dancing the Can Can when you win!

Crossbow Shootout Side Stall Hire

Crossbow Shootout Side Stall

Crossbow Shootout with sucker bolts is a great fairground attraction at any event. Fun for all ages, test your shooting skills and bag yourself a prize!

Coconut Shy Side Stall

Coconut Shy Fairground Side Stall

Roll up, Roll up don’t be shy and bag yourself a coconut! A great challenge for all with this favourite fun fairground stall. You’d be nuts not to have ago!

Higher or Lower Side Stall

Higher or Lower Side Stall

Play your cards right here and win yourself a prize! All the excitement of the fairground with this stall, great fun for all ages with this guessing game!

Fairground Darts Side Stall

Fairground Darts Side Stall

Firm favourite fairground fun, prizes gallore can be won! This traditional fairground stall tests your darting skills, great fun for all ages!

Ball in a Bucket Side Stall

Ball in a Bucket Side Stall

Can you bag yourself a prize with 3 balls? This popular tradional fairground stall is great fun for all ages testing your throwing skills!

Candy Floss

Candy Floss

Tempting your taste buds for the fairground favourite Candy Floss! In all sorts of different flavours served fresh by our server. Finger licking good!



Perfect ‘Pop’ular Popcorn, the nations favourite fairground nibble. Delicious Sweet and Salty flavours and served fresh by our very own server!

Christmas Crossbow Shootout Side Stall

No one will get cross over this game! A great Christmas skill game for all ages, festive competetive fun for all, see what prizes you can win!

Christmas HoHoHonut Shy Side Stall

No need to be shy with this side stall, it’s Santa’s favourite! Great festive fun for all ages so take aim and win your self a coconut!

Christmas Hook a Duck Side Stall

A festive favourite fairground stall, Christmas quackers all round, great entertainment for all ages. Can you hook yourself a prize?

Christmas Tin Can Alley Side Stall

Christmas puddings at the ready for the Tin Can Alley Christmas showdown! Great entertainment for all ages, have a go you could win a prize you never know!

Christmas Darts Side Stall

It’s not a 180 degrees here on the Christmas Darts Side Stall but you could still win some prizes whatever the weather, no bull!

Christmas Hoopla

Throw a Hoop over one of Santa’s empties to win! Make sure you have Christmas Hoopla at your Christmas party or festive event.