Electronic & Interactive Games

Electronic & Interactive Games

Wooden Twiddle Horse Racing

Twiddle Horse Racing

And they’re off! Great competetive fun, racing your horse down the track with your own power not by horse power! The ‘mane’ event for any party!

Cash Grabber Grab a Grand

Grab a Grand Cash Grabber

A dream come true, grab as much cash as you can! The Crystal Maze finalé can come to any party! Sorry the cash isn’t real but the fun and entertainment is!!

Beat The Bleep

Beat The Bleep

Nerves of steel and a steady hand, get to the end of the wire without being told to “Buzz off”. Great fun party game for any indoors or outdoor event!

Interactive Play System Table

Interactive Play Table

The gloves are off with this quick hands game! A great challenge for 2 people against the clock. Hands up it’s great competitive fun for any party !!

High Striker Test Your Strength

High Striker

How high can you go on this great fairground attractions? A challenge to test your strength, adjusted to suit all ages. Perfect fun for any outdoor event.

Buzz Wire Beat The Buzzer

Giant Buzz Wire

You need a steady hand and keep your nerve with this great game! Along the wire to the end with touching otherwise you will have to ‘Buzz off’ !!

Football Speed Radar Shootout Arena

Football Speed Radar Shootout

How fast are your feet?? Great radar football shootout records how fast you can kick a ball into the net. A perfect football mad fans party!

Laser Quest Laser Tag

Laser Tag Laser Quest

The action packed laser game for all in an inflatable! Up to 10 players, either as teams or every man for himself, great high energy fun for any event!

Interactive Challenge

Interactive Challenge

Get in on the act and get active with the Interactive Challenge Arena! Great competitive fun with a Crystal Maze feel, speed and agility are the key skills!

Golf Chipping Challenge

Golf Chipping Challenge

It’s a go for golfers!! Test your golfing skills in the comfort of your garden! A great golf fanatics party piece perfect for older children and adults!

Sawbones Operation Electronic Game

Sawbones Electronic Operation Game

Is there a Doctor in the house? You don’t need one to play the giant operational game we all know and love. Great fun to be had for all – Doctors orders!!

Bumper Cars

A bumper of an event with the new Bumper Carz! A fantastic attraction for children, great fun with the safe ‘hovercraft’ feel, kids absolutey love them!

Nerf Gun Shootout

Take aim for a great family game. Inflatable firing range of ‘floating’ balls, a real fun test of skill. Hold your nerve with the Nerf gun and be a winner!!

IPS Cone Challenge

Interactive Play System Cone Challenge

On your marks, get set, go!! Fast and furious game for up to four players, each game is 45 seconds of great fun for all, are you up for the challenge?