Christmas & Festive Parties

Christmas & Festive Parties

Magic Mirror

Magic Photo Mirror

Perfect entertainment and memories to take away! A lovely full length mirror with touchscreen technology for great instant high quality fun photos for all!

Santa's Grotto

Santa’s Grotto

A wonderful Santa’s grotto, fabulously festive with Santa’s throne, beautiful ornaments inside and out, guaranteed to light up any childs face at Christmas!

Deluxe Santa's Grotto

Deluxe Santa’s Grotto

A complete Santa’s Grotto! A beautiful grotto with Santa’s throne and a winter wonderland surround. Snow covered with reindeer and christmas trees, perfect!

Rodeo Reindeer

Festive fun testing your riding skills on Rudolph! Great entertainment for any christmas party, for all those taking part and for all the spectators too!

Santa's Cabin Photo Booth

Santa’s Cabin Photo Booth

Perfect Christmas entertainment with great fun memories to take away! Unlimited high quality photos for all and a Christmas wrapped Booth Butler to boot!

Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage Photo Booth

Perfect Party entertainment with great fun memories to take away! Unlimited high quality photos for all, up to 8 users at a time and a Booth Butler to boot!

Wooden Twiddle Horse Racing

Twiddle Horse Racing

And they’re off! Great competetive fun, racing your horse down the track with your own power not by horse power! The ‘mane’ event for any party!

Christmas Backdrop

Christmas Scene Backdrop

Christmas selfie sorted! A photo opportunity not to miss with this lovely magical christmas backdrop to create the festive fun feel for any christmas event!

Snowboard Simulator

Snowboard Simulator

Test your snowboarding skills with no need to go on the piste! Great fun and awesome entertainment. Our specialist Instructor will be with you all the way!

Rodeo Christmas Pudding

Christmas party entertainment all wrapped up! Festive fun testing your riding skills on the Christmas Pudding Rodeo, hilarious to watch too!

Christmas Crossbow Shootout Side Stall

No one will get cross over this game! A great Christmas skill game for all ages, festive competetive fun for all, see what prizes you can win!

Christmas HoHoHonut Shy Side Stall

No need to be shy with this side stall, it’s Santa’s favourite! Great festive fun for all ages so take aim and win your self a coconut!

Christmas Hook a Duck Side Stall

A festive favourite fairground stall, Christmas quackers all round, great entertainment for all ages. Can you hook yourself a prize?

Christmas Tin Can Alley Side Stall

Christmas puddings at the ready for the Tin Can Alley Christmas showdown! Great entertainment for all ages, have a go you could win a prize you never know!

Christmas Darts Side Stall

It’s not a 180 degrees here on the Christmas Darts Side Stall but you could still win some prizes whatever the weather, no bull!

Cash Grabber Grab a Grand

Grab a Grand Cash Grabber

A dream come true, grab as much cash as you can! The Crystal Maze finalé can come to any party! Sorry the cash isn’t real but the fun and entertainment is!!

Christmas Hoopla

Throw a Hoop over one of Santa’s empties to win! Make sure you have Christmas Hoopla at your Christmas party or festive event.