Children's & Event Slides

Children's & Event Slides

Sea World Bounce n' Slide

Sea World Bounce & Slide

A swimingly good party will be had by all with this fabulous Sea World Bounce & Slide complete with biff & bash wobbler, so go on dive right in!!

Pirate Bouncy Castle

Pirate Bounce & Slide

Ahoy me hearties! Time for some swashbuckling fun with this fabulous pirate bouncy castle with the added fun of a slide too. It’s an absolute treasure!

Enchanted Bounce & Slide

Wishes can come true! The most enchanting castle for your little princess, lots of bouncing fun with the thrill of a slide, makes a party to remember!

Jungle Fun Run

Jungle Fun Run

The Jungle Fun Run is an absolute must for all the little monkeys that love the excitement of boucing, climbing and sliding, a party full of fun, perfect!

Circus Fun Run

Circus Fun Run

From the greatest show on earth to the greatest party on earth! For childen who love to run, jump, climb and slide. Roll up roll up for a party to remember!

Fairy Princess Bounce & Slide

For the princess that loves to party, the beautiful Fairy Princess Bounce & Slide is perfectly poised for giggles, smiling faces and tons of bouncing fun!

Pirate Fun Run

Pirate Fun Run

Bouncing Buccaneers, looking for the best running, jumping, climbing, sliding Pirate Party ever? Your adventure starts here, a treasure of fun for all!

Hero Fun Run

Calling all Super Heros up for a super party challenge! Big bounce area, biff and bash wobblers, a cargo climb and a great slide, brilliant party fun!

Jungle Bounce & Slide

Want a roaring good party? Jungle Bounce & Slide makes a great party, full of bouncing and sliding fun for all your little intrepid explorers, purrrrrrfect!

Hero Bounce & Slide

The Brilliant Super Hero Bounce & Slide to the rescue!! Great fun is had with all the characters you know. Perfect for your lillte Super Hero’s super Party!

Jungle Slide

Jungle Slide

Our ‘roarsome’ Jungle Slide is great fun and big enough for children and adults alike. Perfect for your outside celebration, there’s fun to be had by all!

Mammoth Slide

This fabulous Mamouth Slide is perfect for any childrens event where you need endless climbing and sliding fun! At 15ft high it’s Brrrrrrriliant!

Celebrations Slide

Celebrations Slide

A big celebration calls for the big Celebration Slide! Brilliant for children, teens and adults, nearly 20ft high, it’s a show stopper!

Mr Snapper Slide

Wow! Great sliding fun and a brilliant centre piece, both girls and boys love our ‘Mr Tock’. A perfect match for Pirate or Jungle parties.

Fun Run 1

A run thats great fun! Children love the adventure of the biff n’ bash wobblers, a cargo net climb and a slide. On it’s own or linked to Fun Run 2, awesome!

Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2

A great fun run with the biff and bash woblers, carge net climb and a brilliant slide. On it’s own or attached to Fun Run 1 for double the fun!

Ultimate Obstacle Course

Ultimate Obstacle

56ft of great fun! 2 cargo net climbs, tunnels, biff & bash woblers, squeeze throughs & 2 slides, loved by children, teens and adults, the challenge is on!

First Slide

First Slide

Every child loves a slide! We have all sorts of colours to match your bouncer or Soft Play party. A perfect add on for more fun, fun, fun!

Wedge Slide and Ball Pool

Wedge Slide & Ball Pool

There’s a big kid in us all, a fun run with a great ball pool big enough for adults!!! How can you not have fun? But remember to let the kids have a go too!

Aztec Fun Run 1

Run, bounce, climb and slide on this great aztec fun run! Endless entertainment for children, teens and adults with plenty of energy!

Aztec Fun Run 2

Great fast fun to be had here! A bouncing fun run with biff & bash obstacles, cargo net climb and slide. Contant energetic fun, don’t stop until you drop!

Aztec Obstacle Course

An absolute adrenaline assult course! 70ft of bouncing fun, cargo net climbs, obstacles and 2 great slides, you will need endless energy for this challenge!

Aztec Maze

You will be amazed by this amazing fun run maze! A rectangle of obstacles, slides, cargo nets, mangles and tunnels, an adrenaline rush for any fun runner!