Adults Bouncers & Inflatables

Adults Bouncers & Inflatables

Disco Dome

Disco Dome

A disco on your door step, no need for a DJ! A fantastic inflatable with its own sound & lighting system, a perfect bouncing party for all ages!!

Patch Castle

Brilliant, bright and bouncy fun for the child in all of us! With it’s bigger bounce area and high walls, it’s perfect for children, teens and even adults!

Celebrations Adult Bouncy Castle

Celebrations Bouncer

A big celebration? The perfect bouncer! With its bigger bounce area and high walls, children, teens and adults can all have great bouncing fun together!

Oceans Adult Bouncy Castle

Oceans Bouncer

A swimmingly great party bouncer! Big enough for children, teens and adults. With it’s bigger bounce area and high walls you can party whatever your age!

Rodeo Football

Have great fun testing your riding skills on the Rodeo Football, you don’t have to be football mad to join in! Brilliant entertainment at any kind of event!

Surf Simulator

Who needs the sea? Have fun checking out your surfing skills on the brilliant Surf Simulator. Great fun for children, teens, adults and spectators!

Jungle Slide

Jungle Slide

Our ‘roarsome’ Jungle Slide is great fun and big enough for children and adults alike. Perfect for your outside celebration, there’s fun to be had by all!

Celebrations Slide

Celebrations Slide

A big celebration calls for the big Celebration Slide! Brilliant for children, teens and adults, nearly 20ft high, it’s a show stopper!

Fun Run 1

A run thats great fun! Children love the adventure of the biff n’ bash wobblers, a cargo net climb and a slide. On it’s own or linked to Fun Run 2, awesome!

Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2

A great fun run with the biff and bash woblers, carge net climb and a brilliant slide. On it’s own or attached to Fun Run 1 for double the fun!

Ultimate Obstacle Course

Ultimate Obstacle

56ft of great fun! 2 cargo net climbs, tunnels, biff & bash woblers, squeeze throughs & 2 slides, loved by children, teens and adults, the challenge is on!

Demolition Wrecking Ball

Want something a bit different? Wrecking Ball is an awesome way to test the balancing skills of 2 – 4 players, great fun, who will be the last man standing?

Sumo Suits & Arena

Hilarious Japanese fun all set in it’s own Sumo Arena! Great funny game for older children and adults alike and just as funny to watch!

Adult Ball Pool

Adult Ball Pool

There’s a big kid in us all, now we can behave like one! Introducing the Adult Ball Pool for bigger kids! 5000 balls in a great inflatable for you to enjoy!

Rodeo Bull

Rodeo Bull

The ultimate wild west entertainment, the Rodeo Bull! Everyones favorite and great fun, how long can you stay on the famous bucking bronco? Yeehaa!

Rodeo Rugby Ball

Rodeo Rugby Ball

Are you on the ball with this rocking Rugby Ball Rodeo? Brilliant fun for all rugby fans testing your riding skills and just as much fun for the spectators!

Colossal Obstacle Course

‘The Colossal’ Obstacle Course

Up for the Colossal Fun Run Challenge? 3 cargo nets, biff & bash obstacles, 3 slides, squeeze throughs,and even a 5,000 ball, ball pit – WOW it’s got the lot !!!

Wedge Slide and Ball Pool

Wedge Slide & Ball Pool

There’s a big kid in us all, a fun run with a great ball pool big enough for adults!!! How can you not have fun? But remember to let the kids have a go too!

Gladiator Duel

Gladiators are you ready?? Test your balance standing on your own podium and your strength against your apponent – A very wobberly fun challenge for two!!

Rock & Roll

Up close and personal with this rockin’ and rollin’ challenge. Can you knock your apponent off the podium? High energy hilarious fun to do and to watch!

Bungee Run

Run for your life and see how far you can go!! A great sporting challenge, beat your opponent to the end before you are beaten by the band and bounce back!

Bungee Basket Ball

The ultimate basket ball challenge! Run and shoot for the basket before you are whisked back by the bungee cord, high energy and great competitive fun!

Football Penalty Shootout

Soccer Penalty Shootout

Penalty Ref !!!! The ultimate fanatical footie fan’s dream. Test your goal shooting skills and beat the goalie. Practice makes perfect !!

Human Table Football 2

Human Table Football

Table football at it’s best, putting humans to the test! Hilarious giant foosball game for all that like a footie game of fun, great spectator sport too!

Rock Stars Adult Bouncy Castle

Rock Stars Bouncer

Go on let your hair down with Rock Stars bouncer, perfect for adults who know how to party!! Children and teens are allowed too, but only if you let them!!

Aztec Fun Run 1

Run, bounce, climb and slide on this great aztec fun run! Endless entertainment for children, teens and adults with plenty of energy!

Aztec Fun Run 2

Great fast fun to be had here! A bouncing fun run with biff & bash obstacles, cargo net climb and slide. Contant energetic fun, don’t stop until you drop!

Aztec Obstacle Course

An absolute adrenaline assult course! 70ft of bouncing fun, cargo net climbs, obstacles and 2 great slides, you will need endless energy for this challenge!

Aztec Maze

You will be amazed by this amazing fun run maze! A rectangle of obstacles, slides, cargo nets, mangles and tunnels, an adrenaline rush for any fun runner!