Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Safe fun for everyone.

Like traditional clay pigeon shooting, clays are fired from a conventional launcher. Up to 5 players shoot using deactivated 12 bore shot guns converted to fire infra-red beams. There is no live ammunition so the guns do not kick back. The scoreboard creates a realistic ‘bang’ and the sound of a breaking clay if it is a hit. An indicator on the gun instantly tells the player whether they have scored. The volume is fully adjustable if noise is an issue at your venue.

Up to 5 different games can be played, the state of the art scoreboard constantly indicating the scores for each player. Our trained and friendly supervisor will also give a running commentary on the state of play.


During each round, up to 5 players shoot at the same clays launched from a variety of different positions at various speeds and angles. Whichever game you are playing, points are scored when you hit the target. At the end of the competition, the player who has scored the most points is the winner.

At Night

Our launcher charges the luminous clays before firing them. They create a bright green luminous path across the night sky. 

  • Laser clay shooting can be played by all ages as long as they are able to hold the gun 
  • There is no harm to the environment
  • The shot guns are deactivated so there is no danger to participants or spectators
  • Our guns fire a harmless infra-red beam at re-usable clays 
  • The volume is totally controllable and can even be played in silence
  • Can be played at night using luminous clays
  • Up to 5 players at any one time
  • A minimum outdoor area 30 metres x 10 metres is required to enable the clay to fly and land
  • Our Programmable Active Random Indoor Shooting System makes it suitable for indoor use as well – please ask for details