Blue Princesses Bounce n Slide Soft Play Package.

This fabulous soft play and bounce n slide package is truly stunning and will certainly add the wow factor to any party. Soft play is great fun and an amazing addition to a bounce n slide when catering from mixed ages.

(J) What did the hat say to the scarf?

(A) You hang around and I’ll go on ahead!!!


  • Bounce n Slide 12.5 (d) x 18.25 (w) x 10.25ft
  • Ball Pool with blue and opaque (ice like) play balls
  •  One piece themed slide
  •  Build and Play Snowman
  •  Character Puzzle Cubes
  •  Selection of themed shapes
  •  Soft foam play mats
  •  Suitable for under 5’s
  •  All Soft Play equipment will be cleaned and sterilised upon set up
  •  Suitable for indoor hire only
  •  Free Plasma Car hire