Princess Theme

Princess Theme

Fairytale Bounce & Slide Soft Play Package

Our exquisite Fairytale Bounce & Slide and Princess Soft Play is absolutely charming and has everything your little Princess needs for a fabulous party.

Princess Bounce n Slide Package

Princess Bounce & Slide Soft Play Package

A beautifully magical bouncer with a fun slide side plus the prettiest of Soft Play sets, will certainly be a hit at your little Princess’s party.

Princesses and Fairies Soft Play Package

Absolutely exquisite! Our beautiful Princess Soft Play and matching Princess Bouncer makes the perfect party that your little Princess could wish for.

Enchanted Bounce & Slide Soft Play Package

Spellbound by the most magical Enchanted Bounce & Slide with matching Soft Play, first slide and ball pool, a wish come true for any little girl!

Blue Princesses Bounce n Slide Soft Play Package

Blue Princesses Bounce & Slide Soft Play Package

A big favorite! A beautiful Bouncer with a side slide of the two singing sisters, matching Soft Play, ball pool and Plasma Cars, a perfectly pitched party.

Fairytale Bounce n' Slide

Fairytale Bounce & Slide

Once upon a time a little princess wished for a beautiful castle for her party, her wish came true with the beautiful Fairytale Bounce and Slide!

Princess Carriage Bounce & Slide

Your carriage awaits my little lady. This stunning Bounce and Slide is a real show stopper, a little girls dream, making magical party memories for sure.

Enchanted Bounce & Slide

Wishes can come true! The most enchanting castle for your little princess, lots of bouncing fun with the thrill of a slide, makes a party to remember!

Princess Bounce & Slide

For the princess that loves to party, the beautiful Princess Bounce & Slide is perfectly poised for giggles, smiling faces and tons of bouncing fun!

Blue Princesses Bounce n' Slide

Blue Princesses Bounce & Slide

Wow! Perfectly beautiful Bouncer for all the children that know a song or two! Great bouncing fun to be had with the extra thrill of a slide! Brrrrrilliant!

Fantasy Fun Run

Calling all Princesses who love to run, bounce, climb and slide. Our Fantasy Fun Run is the perfect party piece! Extra long so endless fun for everyone!

Bouncy Castle

Princesses & Fairies

Perfect for your little princess! Beautiful bouncing fun with all the princesses they know and love. What a wonderful party it will be.

Princess Soft Play

Princess Soft Play

Beware cutie overload! Pretty as a picture Princess Soft Play with sit & rides and lovely matching ball pool, your little princess will have a pefect party!

Blue Princesses Soft Play

Blue Princesses Soft Play

A lovely charactor filled Soft Play party, perfect for your little singing princess! Build, climb and play and a delightful matching ball pool, Brrrriliant!