A laser tag attraction will bring fun and excitement to your party or event.  There is  a choice of game plays – team games or an every man for himself. Our laser tag phasers use sophisticated  technology to enhance game play and as a result do  not require bulky, uncomfortable laser tag vests to be worn. Players just pick up the phaser and try to score as many hits or tags as possible, whilst avoiding the enemies fire. Laser Tag is a must have hire for any space themed party or event where you want to add high energy and active fun! It is suitable for both adults and children.

Laser Tag Party

Our mobile laser tag  is extremely addictive and an ideal hire choice for birthday parties. Our laser guns can be programmed to play a variety of game scenarios. In team mode the guns are set to prevent “friendly fire” so you cannot accidentally score for the opposing team. A direct hit will earn you points and your opponents gun will react to let them know that a direct hit has been made. Line of sight is required to score – no cheating by shooting through walls as it does not work!!

Laser Tag Events

Laser tag is great for fundraising at school fetes and suitable for family fun days and corporate events. It is a a real crowd puller. With a  capacity of 10 users at a time, it makes it an ideal hire choice for any event. The equipment is always supervised  by our attendants for the duration of the hire to ensure smooth running.  

Laser Tag Phaser Guns

Our guns are highly sophisticated with many special features to enhance the game. The Laser tag guns, or phasers, come with great sound and lighting effects which give another exciting element to the gameplay. The guns are used in a safe two handed grip and are weighted and balanced to give a realistic feel, vibrating when hit. They automatically transfer information to the led scoreboard display situated outside, showing real time scores and the winning team or player.

Laser Tag Arena

Our impressive laser tag arena is sure to be a centrepiece at any event or party. It can be set up on a grassed area outdoors, or indoors inside a large hall should space permit.

What is included with the hire:

  • Laser Tag Phaser Guns
  • LED scoreboard display
  • Inflatable Arena
  • Size of arena: 36 ft x 32 ft x 9 ft
  • Area required 42 ft x 40 ft
  • Supervised by our staff
  • Suitable for ages: 5 years and above including adults
  • 2-10 players at any time 
  • Suitable for Indoor use or Outdoor use on a grassed area
  • Standard household 13amp socket required
  • Generator power available to hire if mains electricity is unavailable
  • We require at least 1.1m width throughout all access areas